June 9 & June 17, 2017 Cavtat & Dubrovnik Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia  June 9, 2017

For John

It seems everybody in the countries that previously formed Yugoslavia has a boat. It is the next required purchase right after a house and automobile. While the boats are small and relatively inexpensive, the purchase of a mooring for the boat will far exceed the cost of the boat itself.

A map of the small village of Cavtat


Most of the cities on the Adriatic Sea are walled cities. The walls were built to protect the cities from attacks by the Venetians to the West,  and from the Turks that were to the East  and South.

And again, more Cavtat and Dubrovnik

June 17, 2017 Cavtat and Dubrovnik Croatia 2

The wake showing we are turning for Dubrovnik


Organ from 17th century.



Exterior of walled city.

Gate to walled city.

More of walled city.

Inside walled city.

Shrapnel from Serbian forces attacking Croatia in Croatia’s war of independence in 1991.  What you see is damage from buildings that have not yet been repaired.   

Farmer’s market

Doors with old time “skeleton” key lock and huge door knockers.

Our ship, Celebrity Constellation



















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